ZT Restaurants Exits One of Its QSR Investments in Lucrative Deal | ZT Corporate
News June 24, 2017

ZT Restaurants Exits One of Its QSR Investments in Lucrative Deal

Restaurant Stores sold for $15.3 Million

UNITED STATES – Houston based private equity firm ZT Wealth announced today that they have exited their portfolio entity ZT Restaurants, L.P. for $15.3 million, implying an EBITDA multiple of 7.19x. In this liquidity event, ZT Restaurants, L.P. sold its assets of a world-renowned Quick Service Restaurants brand. ZT Restaurants, L.P. partners will make over a 25% return in addition to their original investment. The investment has generated an IRR of over 23%, which includes 10% cash on cash distributions during the investment life cycle.

“We love this space from an investment standpoint as it creates portfolio diversification and drives consistent returns for our investors. We operated this asset on world class standards, won many accolades from the brand and introduced value- added process improvements. I appreciate our operators and portfolio management team for getting this deal through the finish line.”, Taseer Badar, CEO & President of ZT Wealth.

This was just ZT Wealth’s first Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry operation. ZT Wealth has announced that they plan to grow in the space and enhance their footprint with the recent launch of ZT QSR Fund, L.P. The fund will invest in the QSR segment through acquisitions and new developments. The partnership has already identified its first acquisition opportunity in a well-known brand, which will be operated by the same management team. The company shared brief insight on its objective to grow to upwards of 100 operating units within the next 3-5 years. Another fund will be created to own QSR Real Estate. Owning Real Estate is at the heart of ZT Wealth’s culture and perfectly compliments its goals in the QSR Space.

ZT Wealth is a full-service wealth management and private equity firm that provides specialized financial solutions and creates value for our clients through a broad range of financial vehicles, including traditional, alternative and private equity investments. Its success takes root in its skilled management team and unique private equity opportunities in healthcare (Altus Health), real estate, auto dealerships and quick service restaurants.