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A leading private equity firm in Houston, TX, ZT Corporate is an operationally-oriented firm of entrepreneurs dedicated to developing and growing income-producing lower-middle market companies. Our focus is on creating value with our business partners by investing in inefficient markets that offer the potential for growth. Through creativity, hard work, and disciplined risk-taking, we pursue opportunities to generate exceptional returns for all stakeholders.




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Sector Expertise

Over the last two decades, we have carefully aligned our portfolio around the automotive and healthcare industries to deliver consistent, vertical growth.



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Our Portfolios

At ZT, we invest in stable and resilient industries with long-term prospects for strong growth despite market volatility or economic turns. The portfolio managers at our private equity firm in Houston, TX are hyper-focused on the long-run and look for bright spots in the economy to produce consistent financial gains for our investors.

Taseer Badar

Chairman & CEO

“I founded ZT Corporate in 1997 because traditional marketplace opportunities did not align with my vision of exponential growth. I wanted to empower my clients with unique business opportunities, so I decided to create my own. We diversified our portfolio options to include healthcare and auto dealerships—areas where I know we can succeed and bring operational efficiency.”

Our Friends

“ZT Corporate is kind of unique in private equity in the same way that they're the owner and the operators of the business. If there’s a way to make the business work and work better, they’re going to do it.”

—Dr. Phillip Matorin, ENT Specialist

“The three words I would use to describe ZT Corporate are opportunity, honesty, and security.”

—Sylvia Quan

“I hope to be involved with ZT Corporate for, I’ll be honest with you, the rest of my life.”

—Dr. Neil Burrell, Podiatrist

“What I particularly like about ZT Corporate is the personal relationships. And I think the main reason is that this group of people is very accessible.”

—Dr. Michael Thomas, Internal Medicine Specialist

“Why is it that I’ve stayed with ZT Corporate? It boils down to trust. The relationships that I have established have been fantastic and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.”

—Dr. Ben Beckert, Plastic Surgeon

“ZT means a steady hand. It’s looking at cutting-edge industries and knows market.”

—Gordon Quan, Founder of Quan Law Group

“My impression is that ZT Corporate is a very agile team who is ready to help you at any time and is easily accessible. And I believe in the leadership of Taseer Badar and his super team. I call them the dream team.”

—Dr. Asaf Qadeer, Family Medicine Specialist


1535 West Loop S
Suite 450
Houston, TX 77027

P: 713-627-2000
F: 713-231-2131

New York

150 E 52nd St.
31st Floor
New York, NY 10022

P: 212-644-4343
F: 718-679-9797

Los Angeles

8275 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

P: 323-352-0176
F: 713-600-3456


11233 Shadow Creek Pkwy
Suite 313
Pearland, TX 77584

P: 832-230-8100
F: 832-230-8101

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