ZT Corporate’s leadership, operational, and private equity teams are committed to helping investors find unique opportunities to generate wealth and provide an impact on their communities.

Leadership Team

>Taseer Badar
Taseer Badar

Chairman & CEO

>Kraig Killough
Kraig Killough

Executive Chairman of the General Partner Board

>Sheheryar Shah
Sheheryar Shah

Chief Investment Officer

>ThuyLan Chang
ThuyLan Chang

Chief of Staff

>Farrukh Tariq
Farrukh Tariq

Group Chief Operating Officer

>Farhan Kasbati
Farhan Kasbati

Chief Financial Officer

Portfolio Operations

>Zeeshan Shaikh
Zeeshan Shaikh

Operating Partner
ZT Automotive

>Muhammad Ali Chaudhry, MD MBA
Muhammad Ali Chaudhry, MD MBA

Operating Partner
Altus Community Healthcare

>Jason Lisovicz
Jason Lisovicz

President (Interim)
Altus Community Healthcare

>Sandeepkumar Singh
Sandeepkumar Singh

Chief Medical Officer
Altus Community Healthcare

>Elie Harroch
Elie Harroch

Vice President of Finance, Altus Community Healthcare

>Darleen Callahan
Darleen Callahan

VP of Revenue Cycle
Altus Community Healthcare

>Mohsin Malik
Mohsin Malik

ZT Baseball

>Rick Click
Rick Click

Altus ACE (Accountable Care Entity)

>Anil Motwani
Anil Motwani

ZT Sliver Pay


>Nuruddin Ali
Nuruddin Ali


>Azhar Hirani
Azhar Hirani

Managing Director

>Roger Manghnani
Roger Manghnani

Managing Partner, New York

>Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal

Senior Vice President

>Kevin Gandhi
Kevin Gandhi

Vice President

>Chihiro Kurokawa
Chihiro Kurokawa

Director, Dallas-Fort Worth

>Chris Feia
Chris Feia

Director, Los Angeles

>Zulfiqar Ali Abedin
Zulfiqar Ali Abedin

Operations Manager

>Najeeha Ghias
Najeeha Ghias

Operations & Investor Relations

>Bradley Bass
Bradley Bass

Jr. Investor Relations Analyst


>Sheheryar Shah
Sheheryar Shah

Chief Investment Officer

>Baber Sheikh
Baber Sheikh

Managing Director

>Ali Tariq
Ali Tariq

Managing Director, Investments

>Zuhare Bawkher
Zuhare Bawkher

Vice President, Debt Management

>Shenhao (Josh) Ju
Shenhao (Josh) Ju

Director, Business Development & Investment
ZT Automotive

>Kongming (Ken) Gao
Kongming (Ken) Gao

Senior Associate, Investments


>Arsalan Rauf
Arsalan Rauf


>Nasir Pasha
Nasir Pasha

General Counsel

>Uyen Chiang
Uyen Chiang

Marketing & Operations Director

>Tadessa Johnson-Williams
Tadessa Johnson-Williams

Vice President, Human Resources

>Robert John Lee
Robert John Lee

HR Data Analytics & Accounting Manager

>Ed Liu
Ed Liu

Manager, Information Technology


1535 West Loop S
Suite 450
Houston, TX 77027

P: 713-627-2000
F: 713-231-2131

New York

150 E 52nd St.
31st Floor
New York, NY 10022

P: 212-644-4343
F: 718-679-9797

Los Angeles

8275 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

P: 323-352-0176
F: 713-600-3456


11233 Shadow Creek Pkwy
Suite 313
Pearland, TX 77584

P: 832-230-8100
F: 832-230-8101

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