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Taseer Badar

Chairman & CEO

Taseer Badar was born with the DNA of an entrepreneur. An immigrant himself, from an early age, Taseer pursued the American Dream. He began several small businesses in high school and college, where he learned how to build trust and exercise financial discipline. After finishing his B.A. in entrepreneurship and finance from Texas A&M, he joined Morgan Stanley in New York. His clients trusted him because he was deeply passionate about their success and had a big picture focus. During this time, he realized building an owner-operator private equity firm that could yield higher returns, especially a firm that embodied his key values, including strong passion for the customer, constant innovation, winning selfless attitude, and sharp focus on execution. Taseer formed ZT Corporate in 1997 to offer unique investor-owner opportunities to clients. The company has a diverse investment portfolio that its owns and operates including its flagship operations, Altus Healthcare, a multi-disciplinary Healthcare services provider, ZT Financial Services, ZT Motors, ZT Restaurants, and more. ZT Corporate has grown into a $600+ million business adding 50 plus new individual businesses to its portfolio. Taseer has also helped raise funds and made significant contributions to advance his passion for healthcare through the Altus Foundation, which provides millions in free healthcare for local communities.


Taseer’s management approach is adapting and adjusting to market conditions. Internally, he terms his style as “changing the menu.” The approach has overcome enormous challenges to achieve the current level of continual growth. After the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) in 2010, his physician clients pushed him to exit the healthcare vertical. They did not believe Altus would survive given the changes in the healthcare industry from a regulatory and business model standpoint. Taseer convinced his investors to double down on the opportunity given the significant changes embedded in Obamacare. Leveraging the challenge, Taseer created an opportunity by establishing Altus Accountable Care Entity (ACE) with the goal of providing increased quality of care, lower costs, and improved patient population health. As a result, Altus has grown over 300% in over last three years. He also hedged the risk by venturing into non-healthcare verticals such as real estate, restaurants, and motors. He attributes the success of ZT Corporate and Altus Health to the employee empowerment model he championed as a business owner, believing that true leadership and innovation only comes when his employees share the same passion and enthusiasm as he does for the organization and investors. He does not believe in the established corporate norms regarding leadership roles; therefore, his portfolio managers—young, dynamic entrepreneurial individuals from diverse backgrounds—play a very key role in the business. These individual portfolio managers build personal relationships with each operator and investor by listening, coaching and sharing insights, and proactively use data to continuously affect changes in operations. Taseer’s original ideas and innovation can be described in both his “go to market” strategy, as well as how he operates his companies. ZT and Altus have built an innovative business model by providing a platform to their physicians’ network that gives them true financial security through prudent investment strategies and providing operational support so physicians can manage their practices. This allows physicians to provide best in class patient care. The platform also supports ZT and Altus’ mission of “building healthier communities by empowering physicians.” ZT and Altus is one of the only companies in the United States providing such a platform and comprehensive service offerings to its physician network.


The numbers strongly support the incredible level of success Taseer has achieved through ZT Corporate. The company has grown from $28M in portfolio revenues in 2008 to $600M+ in 2016 with distributions amounting $43M. While a large portion of ZT Corporate’s investments are in healthcare, he has expanded into other industries like auto dealerships and restaurants to hedge the risk and returns associated with healthcare.

FINRA Licenses: Series 7, 24, 31, 63, 65